Kölner Classic oil mixtion

“Cologne/Kölner Classic” products again enable reliable historical gilding in the present day. “Cologne/Kölner Classic” products are not a new invention – they have been developed on a historical basis. This new product line again fully ensures professional gilding and associated restoration work. There is the option of three different drying times: 3, 12 and 24 hours...

Kölner Rapid now also in clearly

Kölner Rapid is an adhesive that especially was developed for the gilding of sandblasted letter chiselled in stone and sign, as for example with gravestones and stones tablet. Repair and restorations of gilding in stone can be explained with Kölner Rapid yellow or clearly fast and suitably there and then.

Kölner Rapid Stone Mason

Kölner rapid Stone Mason mirror gloss gilding, yellow, drying time only 15 minutes, open time up to 8 hours! A new acryl adhesive for outdoor use developed in particular for stone masons requirements with very special properties. The adhesive is to be applied undiluted and replete with a brush. We recommend flat synthetic hair brush....

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