Kölner Rapid Stone Mason

Kölner rapid Stone Mason mirror gloss gilding, yellow, drying time only 15 minutes, open time up to 8 hours!
A new acryl adhesive for outdoor use developed in particular for stone masons requirements with very special properties. The adhesive is to be applied undiluted and replete with a brush. We recommend flat synthetic hair brush. After a drying time of approximately 15 minutes only, depending on ambient temperature and humidity, it is possible to gild up to 8 hours with a high gloss result. We recommend our Rosenoble Double Gold – 23,75 carats. If it is a very absorbent surface/stone, multiple layers of the adhesive can be applied. Each layer has to to become dry before the next one is applied. In this case previous sealing of the stone is no longer necessary. Comfortable and safe working with Kölner rapid stone mason will quickly convince. In particular work on building sites and/or cementeries can be carried out rapidly and nevertheless with highest quality. Larger surfaces can also be sprayed with Kölner rapid stone mason, after diluting with not more than 8 % distilled water. We recommend a low-pressure spray device with a nozzle size of 1-1,5 mm.

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